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2009-11-09 21:37:27 by JerseyBoy17

Ok NoSeR did not work out today.
Now I am back on Video Game Survior.

Hopefully I will get it out in a week.

Status: 5%

Just a few more good days and I will fly through this project.
And if this is a success and I finish in time then hopefully i will get part 2 out.

Different Project

2009-11-09 06:41:03 by JerseyBoy17

Nah. I will put the first project on hold for now.
I am going to start a new project:


This is something i wanted to start on for a few years now i just never had flash.
The story is written and i will start imediatly

New Project Update

2009-11-08 21:24:08 by JerseyBoy17

Hello. I now have the story to this project written.
I had to switch the actionscript i was using and i went through numerous tutorials.
But now i am ready to start back up.

Project Status: 4% Complete

Estimated time of completion 3 weeks

New Project

2009-11-08 09:25:35 by JerseyBoy17

Hello Everyone I am starting my first big project:

Video Game Survior

Details and more new will be available at a later date.
I hope you all stay tuned in. I am happy to start work.

Please remember to leave comments.

Projetect Status:
2% Complete