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Video Game Survivor 4 Completion Status

2010-04-17 11:31:32 by JerseyBoy17

Story (50%)
Animating (12%)
Music (70%) Got a lot of the music I wanted....
Actions (20%)
Intro (1%)
Extras (10%)
Full Progress (20%)

First ScreenShot

Video Game Survivor 4 Completion Status

It might take awhile. This time it will be better. I have been practicing and I have a clear story ready and I will change everything up.

Episode 3 will take longer then I was hoping it would. It is difficult to work on a project when your
flash program acts up and crashes. I have not lost any work yet but it is really annoying having to wait
like 5 minutes to get it back up again then it happen 10 minutes later. But I plan on getting it done before
Saturday at the least. This will be the largest file yet. I do not think you all will be dissapointed this time.

Main Menu Picture

2009-11-14 20:11:59 by JerseyBoy17

this is what it is supposed to look like

Main Menu Picture

Episode 2

2009-11-14 17:13:48 by JerseyBoy17

Im like 10% done with episode two. All I have to do now is finish up the main menu and its done.
When its out i hope you like it.

Video Game Survivor Part 2

2009-11-12 22:05:05 by JerseyBoy17

Well I have been working on part 2 all day long. Its about half done.
This one will be ten times better then the first one.

I have been trying to get rid of backgrounds on sprites but that just messes up flash and crashes.
And i have also been dealing with windows "Blue Screen Of Death". I wonder if it has anything to do with the xbox "Red Ring Of Death. Wow I hate microsoft.

Status: 40% Complete.

Its is under development. I have now uploaded songs so now it will not seem as dry as the last one.
Episode 1 was deleted frome NG because people thought it sucked. Well I am not going to rollover and die just yet. I did not get any votes on the characters so I must randomly delete 2.

Video Game Survivor Epi 2: 5%


2009-11-10 22:23:10 by JerseyBoy17

It sucks by I am finally done. Please watch it. Just vote out someone and I will take more time to do the part 2. Well i hope you are interested in this.

Almost Done

2009-11-10 21:27:23 by JerseyBoy17

Alright. I like almost done with part 1. I just have to finish up a fight scene then I have to add a few things to the main menu and its done.

Project Status: 80% Complete.

Woooot!!!! Hope you like it when its done.

Not That Easy

2009-11-10 17:55:18 by JerseyBoy17

I have been working on one small clip for like one whole hour and its still no where near done.
This must be why so many series have ended. Now i know its more then just drawing like its paint.

Project Status: 6%

Also im already at 3 mb.
I better finish up quick.